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AGP began operations in 1989 as an independent pharmaceutical company. Today, it is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, providing a broad range of pharmaceutical services. AGP specializes in manufacturing and marketing niche products licensed from reputable European and American multinational pharmaceutical companies. AGP has also excelled in the manufacture of generic products in all dosage formulations.

AGP’s Total Quality Approach earned the ISO 9001 : 2008 certification of SGS International Certification Services EESV, one of the most respected and credible certification authorities in Europe.

Our modern manufacturing facility conforms to the latest International cGMP standards. The standard operating procedures in place have been developed by working closely with the technical support staff of our principals and are constantly updated as a result of periodic audits conducted by our European partners. All machines, equipments and processes are properly validated to ensure consistency of production standards and must complete a comprehensive program of Installation, Operation and Performance Qualification before starting regular operation.

We are continuously upgrading our facility with modern & latest equipments to provide best quality products to our customers. The modern state-of-the-art machines in our facilities include:
1 High Speed Tablets Compression Machine Fette Perfecta 3000 - Germany
2 Blister Machine UPS 3MT Uhlmann - Germany
3 Ampoules Testing Machine ATM18/18 Brevetti - Italy
4 Ampoules Compact Line Bausch & Stroebel - Germany
5 Automatic Coating Machine Wenzhou – China
6 Capsule Filling Machine NJP 1200C-2 Kaixinlong Pharmaceuticals Machinery, China
7 Tablet Compression Machine ZP-29E XINYUAN Pharmaceutical Machinery, China
AGP ensures that the production operations are carried out in compliance with the local regulations and company standards. The plant and the manufacturing processes are operated in a manner where Environment, Health and Safety are not compromised. Our objectives are to eliminate all injuries, illness, prevent health and environmental impacts and reduce waste and emissions.

At AGP safety is an important consideration while carrying out the technical operations. AGP believes that accidents are preventable through attention to detail to avoid hazards and appropriate training and awareness of employees.

The ultimate goal of AGP is to provide a pollution and accident free environment to all the employees of AGP, and continuous monitoring of all types of potential hazards in compliance with the EPA (Environment protection Agency) acts of Pakistan and with ISO 14000.