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Therapeutic Class:
Each Co-Maledox tablet contains artemether 20 mg and lumefantrine 120 mg.
Each Co-Maledox DS tablet contains artemether 40 mg and lumefantrine 240 mg.
Each Co-Maledox QS tablet contains artemether 80 mg and lumefantrine 480 mg.
Co-Maledox is well-tolerated and effective combination therapy that provides an important addition to the armamentarium against malaria.
Co-Maledox is indicated for the treatment, including standby emergency treatment of adults, children and infants with acute, uncomplicated infections due to P. falciparum or mixed infections including P. falciparum. Because   Co-Maledox is effective against both drug-sensitive and drug-resistant P. falciparum it is also recommended for malaria infections acquired in areas where the parasites may be resistant to other antimalarials.
Co-Maledox tablet should be taken with food to increase its absorption. Patients should repeat the dose if he vomits within 1 hour of taking the medication.

For Co-Maledox Tablet (Artemether 20 mg /Lumefantrine 120 mg)

Weight(kg) Number of Tablets
(Each at time 0, 8h, 24h, 36h, 48h & 60h)
<10 Not recommended at this time
10-14 1
15-24 2
25-34 3
>34 4

For Co-Maledox DS Tablet (Artemether 40 mg /Lumefantrine 240 mg)

Weight(kg) Number of Tablets
(Each at time 0, 8h, 24h, 36h, 48h & 60h)
<10 Not recommended at this time
15-24 1
25-34 1�
>34 2

For Co-Maledox QS Tablet (Artemether 80 mg /Lumefantrine 480 mg)

The dosing regimen is a 3-day course comprising of 6 doses and is weight-based. For adults and children weighing 35 kilograms (kg) and greater, the recommended dose is a single initial dose of Co-Maledox QS tablet orally, followed by Co-Maledox QS tablet orally again after 8 hours and then Co-Maledox QS tablet orally twice daily (morning and evening) for the next 2 days.

Typical Adult Dosage
Co-Maledox QS tablet p.o. at 0, 8, 24, 36, 48 and 60 hours.
Co-Maledox Tablet is available in 16’s.
Co-Maledox DS Tablet is available in 8’s.
Co-Maledox QS Tablet is available in 6’s.