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Calcium Dobesilate


Therapeutic Class:

Systemic Vasoprotectives



Each Doxium capsule contains
calcium dobesilate monohydrate 500 mg.



Calcium dobesilate acts on the
capillary walls by regulating its impaired physiological
functions-increased permeability and decreased resistance. It increases
erythrocyte flexibility, inhibits platelet hyperaggregation and in diabetic
retinopathy, it reduces plasma and blood hyperviscosity, thus improving
blood rheological properties and tissue irrigation. These effects allow to
correct capillary dysfunctions either of functional origin or caused by
constitutional or acquired metabolic disorders. Calcium dobesilate contributes
to reduce edema.



  • Microangiopathies, in particular Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Clinical signs of Chronic Venous Insufficiency in the lower limbs (pain, cramps, paresthesia, oedema, stasis dermatosis).
  • As adjuvant in Superficial Thrombophlebitis.
  • Haemorrhoidal Syndrome


Generally 500 to 1000 mg – 1
capsule once or twice a day to be taken with the main meals. Treatment
duration, which is generally between a few weeks and several months,
depends on the disease and its evolution. Dosage should be adapted
individually according to the severity of the case.



500 mg caps 30’s