Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Company’s Responsibilities

AGP provides equal employment opportunities for all.
We do not support any political parties or provide them any funding.
AGP works towards ensuring the protection of the confidential information of our present and former business partners and employees.
AGP ensures to operate with environmentally sound practices, safeguarding the use of resources.

Business Integrity

Any kind of bribery, seeking or accepting a personal payment, gift or favor in return for favorable treatment is strictly prohibited.
Every employee is responsible to forewarn the management of any information in his/her knowledge that can be a potential risk to the company.
Interaction should be transparent with shareholders, analysts, and other public.

Business Principles

AGP expects its employees to deal fairly with customers, suppliers, service providers, competitors, and other employees.
AGP’s employees must abide by the country’s law in any form of dealings.

Employee Responsibilities

No agreement with third parties without compliance with principles set by the organization.

Every employee must protect and use the assets of the Company with care.

Employees are not allowed personal activities and financial interests outside Company that is not in
the Company’s interest.

Unauthorized alteration of product labels or literature is strictly prohibited.

Employment with the Company is and should be seen as a full-time occupation and for this reason,
other employment or business association shall be avoided.

Prohibition of substance use in the work environment.

Family connections must be disclosed to the organization.