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Product Quality Management

Product Quality

AGP Limited is a professionally managed, ISO 9001:2015 certified Pharmaceutical Company that manufactures various dosages forms of pharmaceutical products. AGP has two Plants, both are situated at SITE area Karachi. The area of Plant I is around 2.81 acers whereas the area of Plant II is around 1.25 acres. AGP has recorded an excellent growth to reach its present standing as a growing Company in the area of health care. It was established in 1989 and since then it enjoys a rich manufacturing experience of around 29 years. It has steadily grown through efficient manufacturing and ethical marketing of products under licensing arrangements with many companies of international repute and also through its own brands. Today, it is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, providing a broad range of pharmaceutical products. The manufacturing facility is well equipped for the production of wide variety of dosage forms including Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Suspension, Sachets, Liquid Parenteral & Semi Solid Preparations. The facility is cGMP compliant and has been also audited by different international customers. The team of manufacturing site is well capable of meeting high manufacturing standards with local & external GMP requirements. The standard operating procedures in place have been developed by our technical staff and are constantly updated as a result of periodic audits and local / international guidelines. All machines, equipment’s and processes are properly validated and reviewed to ensure consistency of production standards. Before starting any operation our technical staff duly ensures that every machine, equipment, must complete a comprehensive program of Installation, Operation and Performance Qualification.

The AGP management commits itself to ensure that everyone has easy access to safe, effective, and quality products that are developed, manufactured, stored, and marketed in accordance with the regulatory requirements and Company values. As Quality is our core value, the Company asserts that it is maintained at all levels. High standards of quality applied across the organization enable us to ensure patient safety and meet the expectations of customers and other stake holders.

The AGP Quality Management has established a comprehensive Quality System that encompasses all applicable standards / procedures and their implementation, thus assuring cGMP, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. It is the responsibility of every AGP team member to respect and follow the aforementioned quality system in order to meet current and future challenges.

AGP’s slogan is “we value life”, and fulfillment of the said commitment by each employee assist the Company to achieve our aim, of provision of safe and quality products to everyone at reasonable prices.

New Product Development
It refers to the work AGP conducts toward the innovation and introduction of new drugs and also improvement in its existing products. The commitment of senior management, dedication of qualified teams, innovative culture, and effective and ethical marketing support are key success factors of our New Product Development. We at AGP believe in organizational learning, which enables the Company to obtain new knowledge from external and internal sources and also makes a company more competitive in aspect of New Product Development. The core function of this Department is to develop new drug product and to apply for its registration according to the regulatory requirements (both local and international). Some of the key responsibilities include:

Design and formulate new drug product formulation

Manufacturing of lab scale batches

Conduct stability studies on trial batches

After successful completion of stability studies, submit dossiers to regulatory authorities (both local and international) for drug product registration

Distribution & Warehouse

We have partnered our distribution network to Muller & Phipps (M&P) which is the largest distribution house in Pakistan. Together with our partner, we implement high-performance distribution with an emphasis to ensure product safety.
AGP uses top of the line facilities for its warehouse resulting in fully functional systems ensuring products are always handled, not only in the correct, but also most efficient and cost effective manner. Our warehouse entails a 24 hour temperature monitoring system and a controlled temperature area to ensure safe maintenance of drugs.

The warehouse also has a secure logging system along with emergency care mechanism, to cater for unforeseen events. From secure storage of products to ambient and temperature-controlled sites, our warehouse is equipped with highly skilled management and operations teams to successfully handle warehousing operations.

EHS Policy

AGP Limited and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of fellow employees, customers and the public by endeavoring to adhere to Country’s regulations, Industry standards and best possible practices, encouraging pollution prevention and striving towards the continual Improvement.

As an integral part of its Total Quality Management system, AGP seeks to go beyond compliance with regulatory standards in pursuit of excellence in Environment, Health and Safety management practices.tained at all levels.

High standards of quality applied across the organization enable us to ensure patient safety and meet the expectations of customers and other stake holders.

AGP is committed to ethical marketing of its products that offer value added benefits to our customers. The key to a total quality approach towards healthcare marketing is targeting, communication and feedback. Our Marketing Department has translated this objective into a practical action plan with identified focused segments and allocating complementing products to a team for optimal resource utilization. The main focus is on market research to assess customer needs and identifying market opportunities. Based on this data, ethical and customer acceptable strategies are formulated. Our Marketing team receives regular training on product knowledge for existing products and intensive training prior to marketing a new product.
Our Marketing provides the latest information about recent developments on diseases and their management, not only by marketing new research molecules but also by conducting academic sessions within and outside the Country. Knowledge regarding products is passed on through seminars, medical discussion meetings and ward presentations. Over the years AGP has earned a prized reputation by establishing its name as one of the most ethical, reliable and quality conscious manufacturers of healthcare products. Catering to the effective customer needs through marketing of high quality products and efficient customer services and care have been the focal areas of our marketing.